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Colin Biott (Project Director and Editor); Sue Chapman (Community Arts Programme Leader); Michael Gibbs (Chair and Project Administrator); and Angus Tait (ICT and Design Leader)

Interviews: Colin Biott; Doris Clarke; Joe Flegg; Rosemary Gibbs

Documentary Sources: Joan Angus; Mary Craster

Design and ICT: Mick Oxley; Angus Tait                         Drawings: Mick Oxley

In addition to specified roles listed above, all members of the team have contributed to the general direction and progress of the project, and to the running of community events.

Audio Typing was done by Moira Anderson and Jennifer Doherty.

We also acknowledge the specialist support given at community arts events by Peter Brown, Andy and Margaret Watchorn and Robert Whitehead.

Joan Angus; Ada Archbold; Willie Archbold ; Winnie Banks; Jack Browell ; Martin Browell; Doris Clarke; Marjorie Clarke; Les Crate; Bill Curry; Adam Dawson; Alan Dixon; Rosemary Gibbs; Carol Grey; Eddie Grey; Geordie Grey; Jimmy Hall; Violet Hall; Dougie Hogg; Winnie Hogg; Billy Lumsden; Marjorie Lumsden; Garth Lowerson; Willy Mitford; Vera Mitford ; Alison Newbigin; Iain Parker; Michael Robson; Neil Robson; Joyce Shaw; Jimmy Shaw; Lena Shell; Edwina Simpson; Gladys Simpson; Mary Smail; Fred Stephenson; Eleanor Venus; Ken Venus; Dennis Williams; Eddie Williams; Keith Williams; Maggie Wilson; Isabel Young.

We thank Jimmy Shaw for the loan of additional documentary evidence of village history, and also Mrs. Harrison (daughter of Adam Dawson), Marion Gallon, Gerald Sables and Wilfred Taylor for photographs and documents.
In chapter 10 we have quoted from Donald Leslie (1980) One Hundred Years On: Craster Methodist Church 1880-1980, printed by Coates of Alnwick

We have been pleased to include notes written by the late Eva Archbold in 1957. She had an enduring passion for village history and in an introductory paragraph she wrote:

This does not pretend to be a concise history of Craster but only notes taken at random. When complete, I may reconstruct them. If I do not, perhaps someone else will. Should this fall into the hands of someone who cares nothing for these matters, or who has no interest in them, I trust it will not be treated lightly but given to someone who will appreciate it. This is the earnest wish of the writer: (Signed)
Evangeline Archbold, Craster, 1957

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